With custom spend controls, setting daily, weekly, or monthly limits for your Mazlo debit cards is simple. Your team and Projects can only spend from available balances, based on their limits. Additionally, you can freeze and unfreeze cards with a simple tap, providing unparalleled flexibility and security for your financial operations.

Customizable Controls for Every Card

Mazlo’s Custom Spend Controls offer a level of customization that empowers organizations to manage their finances with precision. Now, you can set individual spending limits for each card, ensuring that budgets are adhered to without the need for constant oversight. This feature is particularly beneficial for Fiscal Sponsors overseeing multiple projects, allowing them to allocate resources efficiently while maintaining financial discipline.

Real-Time Flexibility with Freeze and Unfreeze Options

The ability to freeze and unfreeze cards with a tap is a game-changer for nonprofits aiming to move faster and focus on their mission. Whether a card is misplaced, lost, or needs to be temporarily restricted, Mazlo’s intuitive platform gives you the power to take immediate action. No more waiting for customer support or navigating through complicated processes – just swift, real-time control at your fingertips.

Enhanced Security Measures

In the nonprofit sector, safeguarding financial resources is paramount. Mazlo’s Custom Spend Controls add an extra layer of security by allowing users to freeze a card instantly in case of any suspicious activity or potential risks. Unfreezing the card is just as easy, ensuring that legitimate transactions can proceed without unnecessary delays. This feature not only protects nonprofits and their projects from potential financial threats but also provides peace of mind in knowing that you have full control over your financial assets.

Efficiency in Financial Management

For Fiscal Sponsors and nonprofits alike, efficiency is key. Mazlo’s Custom Spend Controls simplify financial management by providing a centralized and user-friendly platform to oversee and regulate spending. This not only reduces the administrative burden but also allows organizations to focus more on their mission and less on day-to-day financial tasks.

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